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THE GRAND INQUISITOR 10" SOLD OUT -- only 72 hours after starting the preeorder!

The Grand Inquisitor 10" record is now sold out
(both cover versions).

It took only 3 days until the last one of the 302 copies
was preordered. Thanks for all your support, this is quite overwhelming.

We may do a second pressing on different coloured vinyl
in the near future.

cheers Robin

Pelagic Records release ltd. THE OCEAN - THE GRAND INQUiSITOR 10" EP - feat. previously unreleased track

THE GRAND INQUISITOR is a 10" vinyl E.P. featuring the 3 "Grand Inquisitor" - tracks from current album "Anthropocentric", as well as the 4th, previously unreleased chapter entitled "The Grand Inquisitor IV - Exclusion From Redemption". This 7-minutes track is thematically completing the "Grand Inquisitor" - series, which makes reference to the
chapter of the same title in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel The Brothers Karamasov.

The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor finds Christ in medieval Seville during the Spanish Inquisition, healing the sick and raising the dead. He is captured and sentenced to be burned at the stake. The Grand Inquisitor, who questions Christ, views his presence as an encroachment in his own work: by rejectingthe Devil's 3 temptations, the grand inquisitor argues, Christ is consciously and willingly depriving humanity of happiness - for the sake of freedom, which entails suffering.

The grand inquisitor, representing the church, claims to have “corrected Thy work, and founded it upon miracle, mystery, and authority”; corresponding to the three temptations
of the Devil – under the false guise of Christ himself. Humanity is not meant to ever be free, the grand inquisitor argues. By denying man freedom, him and his church are providing for his happiness.

The lyrics of "The Grand Inquisitor IV - Exclusion From Redemption" make reference
to the grand inquisitor's ideas and to his fierce speech about Christ's naive notion of
humanity and his uncompassionate ideal of freedom.

Two different artists visualized the grand inquisitor for us: Dawid Piprek from Berlin and Chris Smith from Pittsburgh.The result showcases the individual artists' very different take on the subject: Piprek's stark pencil-drawing captures the smug, authoritative gesture of the grand inquisitor, holding his hands over the cathedral of Seville.

Smith's coloured approach, in contrast, depicts the inquisitor as a hermit, who, much like jesus, went out to the wilderness himself, before wising up: "I too have been in the wilderness, I too lived on roots and locusts, I too prized the freedom with which Thou hast blessed us… But I awakened and would not serve madness."


artwork by Chris Smith
  • 2-colour-split vinyl (brown / clear)
  • lavish double-sided 6-colour silk-screen print on thick 650 (!) g natural cardboard
    (typical vinyl gatefold cardboard is 300 g), including 3 special metallic inks (brass, gold and brown).
  • lyrics printed on back-side - strictly limited to 151 hand-numbered copies
  • comes with download coupon for "The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption"

artwork by Dawid Piprek
  • 2-colour-split vinyl (brown / clear)
  • rasterized double-sided 1-colour silk-screen print on thick 2-coloured cardboard
    (frontside grey, backside white)
  • logo silk-screened in 2 extra print-runs onto the PVC overbags!
  • strictly limited to 151 hand-numbered copies
  • comes with download coupon for "The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption"

The EP is strictly limited to 302 hand-numbered copies. The covers have been silk-screen printed by hand. Every piece is unique. Both versions come with a unique download coupon for the unreleased track. The track will not be available elsewhere. Support artists by buying music and artwork as physical product.

pre-order your copy now at www.pelagic-records.com/shop

Below some pictures that show the stages of the silk-screening process.
It was great fun, props to Olli for doing an amazing job with this challenging project!!!


THE OCEAN and all our 3 side-projects
confirmed for Asymmetry Fest !

If The Ocean alone is not enough for you, you should consider visiting Asymmetry Festival - we will be performing there along
with our 3 side-projects EARTHSHIP (Robin), COILGUNS
(Jona, Luc + Louis) and K U N Z (Luc + Louis).


This lineup speaks for itself... Asymmetry is a small indoor boutique festival in the beautiful city of Wrozlaw, Poland, only 4 hours from Berlin. These guys are dedicated to bringing challenging music to Poland, and are guided by the same
motives and aesthetics as us with Friction Fest here in Berlin.

See you at Asymmetry Festival, on May 3rd - 5th 2012! http://asymmetryfestival.pl/en/

Firmament Above Russia Tour 2012

THE OCEAN will be embarking on an extended tour of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in February / March 2012! We won't just be playing the major cities Moscow and St Petersburg, we'll be going far beyond the Ural range and as far East as Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, about 500 km from the Mongolian border. Yes drives won't be
short and it's gonna be brutally cold and we will probably die somewhere on the way,
but hell we're stoked!

Here are the dates:

23.02.2012 Saint-Petersburg @ Avrora
24.02.2012 Moscow @ Plan B
25.02.2012 Nizhniy Novgorod @ Wizard
26.02.2012 Kazan @ Zheltaya Kofta
27.02.2012 Izhevsk @ TBA
29.02.2012 Yekaterinburg @ Art House
03.03.2012 Krasnoyarsk @ Era
04.03.2012 Tomsk @ Mayak
05.03.2012 Novosibirsk @ Lebovskiy
07.03.2012 Tumen @ Plan-k-Tone
08.03.2012 Chelyabinsk @ Garage
09.03.2012 Samara @ Podval
10.03.2012 Penza @ Zahvat
11.03.2012 Saratov @ Varite
12.03.2012 Voronezh @ Tarantul
13.03.2012 Rostov @ Podzemka
15.03.2012 Kharkov @ Zhara
16.03.2012 Dnepropetrovsk @ Papa Protiff
17.03.2012 Kiev @ Xleb
18.03.2012 Lvov @ Rock Garage
19.03.2012 Minsk @ Re:Public

Summer Breeze Festival

We filmed our gig at Summer Breeze Festival for our upcoming DVD... here's a sneak preview of the frenzy that was this show!

Watch the Video

Heliocentric / Anthropocentric World Tour
Part IV, (V) and VI:

After touring the US, Canada, UK and Europe between April and July, we are happy to  announce more dates for the fall: THE OCEAN will be touring China and Hongkong in September and October. We are excited about this next step towards global domination :-)

Firmament Above China Tour - Fall 2011

22.09.11 CHINA - Shanghai @ Yuyintang
23.09.11 CHINA - Wuhan@ Vox
24.09.11 CHINA - Chengdu @ Little Bar
25.09.11 CHINA - Chongqing @ Nuts
29.09.11 CHINA - Guangzhou @ 191 Space
30.09.11 HONG KONG - Hongkong @ Hidden Agenda
02.10.11 CHINA - Zhuhai @ Zhuhai Music Festival 2011
04.10.11 CHINA - Zhenjiang @ Modern Sky Festival
05.10.11 CHINA - Beijing @ Modern Sky Festival
06.10.11 CHINA - Beijing @ Mao

Get one hand numbered A2 tourposter limited to an edition of 50 pieces in our WEBSTORE


The Ocean are going to support THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT across the US in October. Comments Robin Staps: "Obviously this totally fucking rules. I've been a big fan of Hevy Devy's varicolored rumblings for many years, and we're glad that this situation that we were facing after our initially planned US tour was blown off has turned from dire into bodacious now! Although we still don't know what to do with the first 3 weeks of November... bring on another surprise!"

12.10.2011 - Sound Stage-Baltimore, MD
13.10.2011 - The Note-Philadelphia, PA
14.10.2011 - Rock And Shock-Worcester, MA
15.10.2011 - The Chance-Poughkeepsie, NY
16.10.2011 - The Altar-Pittsburgh, PA
17.10.2011 - Peabody's-Cleveland, OH
18.10.2011 - Harpo's-Detroit, MI
19.10.2011 - Reggie's-Chicago, IL
21.10.2011 - Black Sheep-Colorado Springs, CO
22.10.2011 - Marquis-Denver, CO
24.10.2011 - Troubadour-Los Angeles, CA
25.10.2011 - Slim's-San Francisco, CA
27.10.2011 - Hawthorne-Portland, OR
28.10.2011 - El Corazon-Seattle, WA
29.10.2011 - Commodore Theater-Vancouver, BC

In November we are returning to the UK for a co-headlining tour with our old buddies from TEXTURES and openers ALIASES. After that we will play a number of headlining shows in France and Switzerland to finish off this year of heavy touring. These are the dates:

24.11.2011 UK - Southampton @ Joiners
25.11.2011 UK - London @ Garage TICKETS
26.11.2011 UK - Nottingham @ Rescue Rooms
27.11.2011 UK - Manchester @ Academy 3
28.11.2011 UK - Glasgow @ Cathouse
29.11.2011 UK - Newcastle @ 02 Academy 2
01.12.2011 UK - Birmingham @ 02 Academy 2
02.12.2011 UK - Brighton @ The Haunt
03.12.2011 FRANCE - Paris @ La Scene Bastille
04.12.2011 BELGIUM - Bruxelles @ Magasin 4 
05.12.2011 FRANCE - Nantes @ Le Ferailleur*
06.12.2011 FRANCE - Toulouse @ L´Aero
07.12.2011 FRANCE - Besancon @ La Rodia
08.12.2011 CH - Martigny @ Sunset Bar*
09.12.2011 CH - Chiasso @ Murrayfield*
10.12.2011 CH - Oberentfelden @ Böröm Pöm Pöm*

* The Ocean only

Upcoming DVD / video tour blogs

... and yes, that DVD. We've been speaking about it for a while now, right? Well, be assured that it IS still coming. The project has grown tremendously over the course of the past months. We have filmed the Heliocentric record release show in March 2010, the show at the museum for musical instruments in Berlin in January 2011, the show at the London Garage on our last tour and Summer Breeze Festival in their entirety. We've also had our documentary filmer Alex with us most of the time, and he has pointed his one eye on everything we've been through, the good, the bad and the vulgar...

Alex will also be with us for the upcoming tours. We have collected so much quality material by now that we're thinking about turning everything into a documentary movie more than a mere music DVD. By the end of the year the "collection" process will be finished and we will spend the first half of next year on finalizing everything. 

If you haven't seen our video tour blogs, you can find them here:

The 3rd and final part will be launched in time for our upcoming US tour on October 10th! Check it out to fInd out what happened after our bus broke down on a Southern Oregon hilltop...

THE OCEAN launch new French community site

All French-speakers should check out


This is an all-encompassing site which is run by a fan. There is heaps more content to be found on that page than on our own official website - shame on us! Complete with magazine article scans, correct pressing infos for the vinyl nerds among you, fotos, all newer video clips, tour blogs and even French translations of lyrics. Even more important, it is constantly kept up to date! Props to Anthony for creating it - thanks to him we now know that the total number of musicians that ever played on our albums is 56!

To officially celebrate the inauguration of this new platform, we're giving away a bunch of shirts and goodies as well as tickets for our Paris show. Visit www.theocean.fr now to find out how to win all that awesomeness!